Poland Regional Cities Offices, Q4 2017



Leasing activity during the last six years has doubled. 

Nearly 460,000 sq m of new office space was delivered to the market in the regional cities – slightly less than in the record breaking 2016, but still a considerable amount. 

The regional office market is forecasted to remain balanced in the upcoming year. Regional office markets are worth considering not only in terms of good quality office availability, but also from the labour market perspective. Although, the unemployment rate is at record low level, wages remain stable. Due to highly educated staff, regional cities are strengthening their positions as major BPO/SSC destinations across whole CEE region.

Poland Reginal Cities Offices - Q4 2017Relatively low labour costs and access to professional directional education puts regional cities ahead of Warsaw for many BPO/SSC companies, however domestic companies are also investing outside the capital city.  

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