What are the benefits of cooperation with a real estate broker?

Cooperation with a real estate agent guarantees a professional and complex customer service at every stage of a transaction process – from the moment of defining a client’s needs, through detailed analysis of the space available for rent, recommending the best options and then undertaking the negotiation process of lease conditions preceding the signing of a lease agreement. As long established real estate brokers in the marketplace CBRE offers a very comprehensive knowledge of the warehouse sector and clients’ needs. Currently, the ownership structure within the industrial and logistics market is becoming more and more fragmented – one logistics park often consists of warehouse buildings belonging to various entities. Such a situation may create a problem for companies focused on their daily business rather than having experience in the process of leasing warehouse space. On the other hand, the broad experience of real estate agents will enable a potential tenant to receive a number of diversified lease offers including those which are virtually not available on the market (subleases). A real estate agent will assist in the comprehensive comparison of the offers and will recommend the option which is best tailored to the tenant’s expectations. Furthermore, cooperation with real estate agents will undoubtedly guarantee the saving of a great deal of time. CBRE’s strong team of real estate agents specialized in the Polish warehouse sector has an extensive knowledge of the logistics client’s business. Cooperation with a real estate broker will help to ensure the most suitable warehouse space that best fits the client’s requirements in terms of both warehouse location and the technical parameters of a building. Furthermore, the significant experience of CBRE’s real estate agents in conducting negotiations will assist in securing favourable lease conditions. Many of our clients have appreciated the strong added value of cooperation with our brokers during the whole transaction process.