What offer can be expected by public institutions that decide to look for a modern office?


  • The lowest offers will be available in older B-class buildings, already depreciated or not planned to be sold. They will be found in less exposed and accessible locations. A number of such buildings are available in Jerozolimskie Avenue, in Wilanow, Sluzewiec Przemyslowy and also in the centre of Warsaw, near Marszalkowska or Jana Pawla II streets.
  • New buildings can also offer competitive terms, particularly those in secondary locations. In the current situation of a sudden oversupply there is a lot of offices in the pipeline and the owners and developers are forced to be more flexible. Many of them are more and more often ready to accept rents in Polish zlotys. Public institutions have new opportunities to change their obsolete image and access brand new office space with green certificates and all possible modern features and convenient amenities. The most favourable terms can be achieved in the buildings being in the planning status. Such buildings can be adjusted to the tenants specific needs.
  • Rents in both types of the buildings can vary effectively from around EUR 8.00 (PLN 32) per month per sq m net at the fringe of the city (the airport surroundings, Wlochy, Mokotow, Wola or Praga districts) to around EUR 15.00 – 16.00 close to the centre of Warsaw. Headline rents are around 20% higher than effective. As a standard, rents are yearly indexed by CPI. Our experience shows that that landlords are able to be very flexible in terms of different lease solutions.
  • Apart from rent, tenants need to cover service charges at the level of around PLN 20.00 per month per sq m. They include water, electricity, security, heating, air-conditioning, service, cleaning of common areas, taxes, insurance and all other maintenance and operational costs of the building and common areas. Additionally there are own energy and telecommunication costs according to usage. The monthly service charges are settled at the end of the year.
  • Additionally tenants pay for parking places per month (around 200 – 400 PLN).